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NORTHTALE: New Singer Selected, Band Featured On Rock Freeday's Fifth Collection Album!

Swedish-American power metal supergroup NORTHTALE, have announced that the band has selected their new singer:


He has already been hired and we are working on the new songs. He has delivered insanely amazing vocals to 11+ songs and me (Bill) and him spend hours a day chatting via video working on lyrics and melodies. There. Happy now?! No we won't tell you who he is. That's not how this works. We're supposed to lead you on for months and ignore all the suggestions and guesses. Then at one point we'll put up a dumb countdown, and at the end of it we'll post a video of him singing something. Then you'll all go "wooaaaaah that's so fucking amazing". The people who know him will post about how it's their buddy, and they always knew this would happen for him. Then our new album will drop shortly after. But yeah... we do have a singer! 🙂 And everybody in our team knows who he is. Except you!”

Furthermore, NORTHTALE are featured on Rock Freeday's Fifth Collection Album, coming out in December 2020.

Brazilian web radio Rock Freeday announces the fifth edition of their Project “RF Collection”, and the first to feature international bands only. Aiming to promote the work of new and up and coming artists to Brazilian audiences, Rock Freeday anticipates the participation of up to 18 bands from all continents, playing a variety of rock and heavy metal subgenres. First confirmed artists give a glimpse of what’s about to hit our ears. Vinny Appice, formerly of Black Sabbath and DIO, will present his newest project with a name yet to be revealed. The progressive metal supergroup Sons Of Apollo, Swedish sensation Lucifer and the Power Metal of NorthTale, finish up the list.

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