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  • Jason Hesley

Northern Genocide released a new single Necropolis!

Finnish modern melodic metal band Northern Genocide is set to release their second studio album The Point of No Return via Inverse Records later in 2024. The second single Necropolis which features Tommy Tuovinen from MyGrain is released today and an epic lyric video is available here: Music video of the first single, Harbingers of Genocide, is available here: Comments from the band: "Necropolis is a powerful song about mankind’s vulnerability and decay during epidemics and war. A beautiful nocturnal sky and the heat of the Sun are only symbols of despair when all else is lost. The guest vocals by Tommy from the mighty MyGrain elevates the epicness of the song to an unprecedented level. In the dark world it is still possible to find salvation in peace of mind."

LISTEN Necropolis on streaming services:

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