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  • Jason Hesley

NOCTURNIS: release lyric video with song from upcoming album!

On October 28, the German black metallers NOCTURNIS will release their full-length debut "Unsegen" via Black Sunset/MDD. It is a concept album that tells the story of a young soldier in World War I, driven by his conscience into a no less harrowing inner struggle due to the atrocities he has experienced, which he ultimately loses. The album offers a symbiosis of darkness and melancholy as well as atmosphere and brutality in approximately 38 minutes. With the song "Unsegen II", a first taste is now available as a cleverly realised lyric video on the MDD YouTube channel! The final tracklist you will find enclosed!

// Tracklist //

1. Am Rande

2. Unsegen I

3. Unsegen II

4. Niedergang

5. Reue

6. Zerrissenheit

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