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  • Jason Hesley

NOBODY: US-based post/depressive black metal act to release debut album "Despair is Where My Thoughts Swim" in May!

Post/depressive black metal act NOBODY will release their hauntingly beautiful first full-length album, "Despair is Where My Thoughts Swim", on May 17th 2024 via End My Life Records/Tragedy Productions.

On their debut album, NOBODY weave emotive metallic power and dream-state vulnerability, summoning a new level of melodicism through cast-iron, heartfelt songcraft. "Despair..." is a dynamic collection unashamedly brim-filled with sadness and regret.

The compositions are dark, atmospheric and emotional, and concomitantly lean towards open-minded musicality. While entrenched in metal's doom and black metal branches, NOBODY displays a versatile, many-layered style of playing, packs different styles of vocals, and draws influence and inspiration from music outside the metal's realm. The record incorporates acoustic guitar, piano and synth within flowing volleys of depressive black metal, weighty contemplative doom and the wide-ranging wistfulness of indie and post-punk songwriting.

The first single, "Life's Ephemeral Tale", is now streaming HERE.


1. Life's Ephemeral Tale

2. Faces Pass Me in Crowded Rooms

3. In This Emptiness

4. Perpetual Torment

5. Days Drift By

6. A Silent Prayer

7. Bleeding a World Undone

8. The Path of Ashes

9. Obscurity's Embrace

10. In the Quietus of Night

11. Myspys (Lifelover Cover)

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