• Jason Hesley

NO CLEAN SINGING Premiere Goatcraft Track "Phobos"

No Clean Singing have premiered the new Goatcraft track "Phobos" and provided an in-depth review of the Goatcraft/Plutonian Shore split. Goatcraft's half of the split contains three tracks devoted to the depiction of the Red Planet, Mars. "Phobos" is one the planet's moons. The track is the longer of the two ambient Goatcraft tracks.

The publication described the Goatcraft tracks as "deep droning waves, eerie astral vibrations, gunshot blasts, and a repeating, blaring mantra. As the seconds pass, the music shines with increasing brilliance and panoramic sweep, creating a sensation of unearthly splendor — but there’s something unsettling about the music as well, a sense of derangement lurking within it."

On the subject of the three Plutonian Shore tracks the publication wrote the "three tracks are also capable of creating feelings of frightening grandeur and berserker insanity, and they too prove to be powerfully immersive — as well as breathtakingly intense and explosively tumultuous". 

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