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  • Jason Hesley

NIGRUM TENEBRIS releases "Miasmal Spirits"

NIGRUM TENEBRIS is set to unleash their second album "Miasmal Spirits," via Northern Fog Records. Slated for a CD release on October 9, 2023, the German Black Metal act promises a sonic atmosphere that navigates between the autumnal melancholy and bursts of aggressive energy. The seasoned line-up features Maldoror on vocals, Catharsius wielding the lead guitar, Noxathra on rhythm guitar and bass, and Peryton behind the drum kit. These musicians have previously been involved in an array of projects such as Ewiges Reich, Lunar Chalice, and Malefica, among others.

Recorded in the Ritual Cavern of Malefica and mastered at NatureSound Studio, the album is accompanied by a 12-page booklet. "Miasmal Spirits" offers a journey into the depths of a fractured soul, fueled by a passion that's far from depressive. With its six tracks, including pieces like "Clothed in Chaos" and "Of Autumn Thunder and Nightly Visions," the album caters to fans of Acherontas, Dissection, Ofermod, and Sargeist. As you find yourself on an unfinished path with uncontrollable anger, let "Miasmal Spirits" guide you through the melancholy of autumn.

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