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  • Jason Hesley

NIGHT SLASHER Cut To The Core On Their Self-Titled Magnum Opus!

On the new self-titled album by Night Slasher, the group arrive tearing out your ears with a dual guitar shriek from the very first second and without any warning with the opener Ice. It grabs you by the throat and slams you inside a meat grinder of black speed metal madness. Heavier, faster and more insane than ever, Night Slasher have returned under a new name and with an endless lust for vengeance in their eyes.

Track-by-track by the band: With the tracks Black Trip and Clyster Lizard, the album comes ripping through all boundaries of genres, trends or even your very own sanity by effortlessly dragging you through ferocious thrashing riffs and majestic black metal chaos, just before melting your face away with the most intense solos and vocal roars ever conceived. Bringing you down to your knees before the slow and ominous melodies of Liver Ripper, then smashing your head again with unimaginable intensity into the albums fire engulfed first single and music video Pit Of Hate, featuring the very darkest lyrical themes of the entire album. Right after, once again plunging you into the eerie intro of Ablaze, the albums nastiest song featuring the most brutal double kick runs and an epic interlude to beat you down before the albums spiritual finisher Towers. A final skull crushing storm to almost end the entire album. But, just like on the first album, there's still one more song left to further mangle what's left of your soul. A completely deranged yet uncontrollably catchy parody of the entire metal genre called Satan In The Hall.Leaving you feeling like a meteor just struck you in the face the eight burning hymns of molten metal on Night Slasher form the vivid fever dream that is the bands raw metal experience.

Tracklist:01. Ice | 02. Black Trip | 03. Clyster Lizard | 04. Liver Ripper | 05. Pit Of Hate | 06. Ablaze | 07. Towers | 08. Satan In The Hall

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