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Night Demon are honored to unleash their new single, “In Trance” today! This single constitutes Night Demon’s fifth standalone 7” vinyl release of 2020. There is a special story behind the music and a deeper significance to how this thrilling live recording came to be.

March 2, 2019 will be remembered as one of the most important nights in Night Demon history. The location was Hamburg, Germany, long a second home for the band on their frequent European sojourns through the years. The occasion was the sold-out Hell Over Hammaburg Festival, which Night Demon had the honor of headlining. Night Demon had a special surprise up their sleeves for the Hammaburg faithful. You see, on this night they did not come alone.

For the Hammaburg gig, revered former Scorpions guitar slinger Uli Jon Roth, who was an integral part of the In Trance album in 1975, agreed to join Night Demon onstage for a two-song vintage Scorpions encore consisting of “In Trance” and “Top of the Bill.” 

No one who was there that night will ever forget it. With this single, Night Demon finally release a time capsule of this extraordinary moment in physical form, the live recordings from that night featuring “In Trance” on the A-side and “Top of the Bill” on the B-side. Now heavy metal fans all over the world can experience the magic that was in the air that frigid winter night in Hamburg embedded in the grooves of this special, strictly limited vinyl release.

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