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  • Jason Hesley

NIBIRU release "Anamorphosis"

Following their latest album, “Panspermia” (2020), Blackened Ritual Sludgers NIBIRU have re-signed with Argonauta Records for the release of their seventh studio album, titled "Anamorphosis", that will be seeing the light of day on Friday the 26th of May 2023, celebrating their tenth year of activity.

Vocalist Ardat says: “ANAMORPHOSIS is distressing emptiness in a dimension free of conventions, unintelligible, frightening. Silence, absolute solitude, beyond the abyss and beyond the inner self, under the night. This Nibiru's cathartic journey can be considered as "Experimental Psychedelic Ritual".

NIBIRUcontinue to deliver a very special, truly unique and inspiring sound, as developing their musical aesthetics through the recitation of the Enochian keys, and the insertion of intimate and disturbing verses. The band’s sources of extra-musical influences are inspired by occultists and esotericists such as Aleister Crowley, Kenneth Grant and Austin Osman Spare, but also psychiatric essays, a deep inner illness and a peculiar cult for the actor Klaus Kinski.

The trio invites the listener to be part of a ritual: NIBIRU’s sound is a mental, noisy and apocalyptic journey of visionary magic, elemental prophecies and esoteric superomism. Tribal percussions, evocative mantras and hypnotic drones merge into a completely new interpretation of Black and Doom Metal, while psychedelic tapestries draw a fascinating and idiosyncratic art. The shrill and inhuman voice of Ardat will drag you into a kingdom of mystical abandonment and possession. NIBIRUis indeed a ritual; a heavily deep, disturbing, wild but atmospheric ride on every level – of your soul, spirit and body.

Become part of their sound ritual, and get on this disturbing yet haunting trip of their new album, as the band just unleashed a first teaser! Watch the clip:

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