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  • Jason Hesley

Nexus Insidias to release 'The Attested Atrocity'

Founded by New Jersey multi-instrumentalist Robert Benaquista – also the mastermind behind avant-garde neoclassical horror project Cucurbitophobia - the music of one-man project Nexus Insidias delivers Metal with energy, speed, and atonal terror.

The forthcoming debut album from Nexus Insidias, The Attested Atrocity, is an instrumental thematic album depicting a fictional tale of a man who is imprisoned for heresy. Trapped in a dungeon awaiting execution, he summons dark forces of nature through ritual to cast a devastating curse on the kingdom in the most malicious manner possible. Musically raw, in-your-face, and abstract without treading too far into self-indulgent pastures, The Attested Atrocity delivers heart-pounding instrumental Metal with roots in 90’s Thrash, Death Metal, and Progressive Metal.

The Attested Atrocity will be released on September 1, 2023 on all streaming services worldwide. Physical media (CD and Vinyl) will be available for sale exclusively through

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