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André Andersen: “The working title for this track was “Betrayal” and if you´re familiar with the book “Fahrenheit 451” than you probably know the part in which the main character got home and discovers that he´s been betrayed by the very person he considered to be his only family.

I´ve been thinking about the actual emotion that this kind of situation evokes: I guess everyone experienced a betrayal in one way of another and - even if the case was much less significant – it was still hurtful, right? Seems like even the music followed that train of thought, so it came out as rather diverse and - while the lyrics deal with the emotional aspect of the event - the music swings from “regret” – state to the flat out “vengeful”.

Another interesting detail is how the video editor captured this mood: the characters on the screen steadily change their appearance from “normal” to “monsters”… I never told him my thoughts behind this particular story, so it was kind of surprising to watch for the first time, as it´s uncanny how the video artist sensed the atmosphere/feeling of the track by listening to music and reading the lyrics”.

«Dystopia. Part 2” is the second and final chapter of Royal Hunt ́s concept opus which – according to the band – is “loosely based on Ray Bradbury ́s famous novel “Fahrenheit 451” yet modified and expanded in order to fit into the current state of affairs of the world”. A few guest singers appearing on the album: Mark Boals, Mats Leven, Henrik Brockmann, Kenny Lubcke and Alexandra Andersen, giving the already cinematic sounding effort a truly theatrical flair.

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Aug 25: Linköping Hell Year Rock Club, SE

Aug 26: Copenhagen Amager Bio, DK

Aug 30: Budapest Analog Music Hall, HU

Sep 01: Campulung Posada Festival, RO

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