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NEW video clip from PROPHETIC AGE for "Divinity is Dismissed"

Prophetic Age was originally formed in 1996 by Rheiss (guitar), Gregor (bass) and Samash (drums). In 2001, after stabilizing the band formation with Sferatu (vocals) and F. Mortum (keyboards), they independently released their first CD, self-titled. By the beginning of 2002 the CD was already sold out.

After touring to promote the CD from 2001 to 2003, the band released with Hellion Records their second studio album "Forged in the Blackest of Metals", recorded at Z7 studio, produced by Tadeu Martinez (R.I.P. Dear Friend), co-production by Herbert Adriano and Ciero (Da Tribo Estúdio). During the release of this CD they performed with Marduk and Behemoth in São Paulo during their tour in Brazil in 2004.

In 2005 the band re-released their first studio album, also by Hellion Records. The release included several bonus tracks and a music video for "I Sing Astonished in the Light" song.

After a long period of drought the band restarted in 2021 its activities with Rheiss (guitar), Gregor (bass), Sferatu (vocals), M. Nerbirvs (drums) and Brahms Kermanns (keyboard).

The band has just announced the release of the EP entitled Desolated Landscape for 11.11.22 exclusively on streaming.

The EP has 5 tracks:

  1. The Prophetic Reborn (intro)

  2. Divinity is Dismissed

  3. Desolated Landscape

  4. Macrocosmic Conspiracy

  5. The Night Feeds my Army (orchestrated version of the track The Blood Feeds my Army - originally released in 2003 in Forged in the Blackest of Metals album)

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