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  • Jason Hesley

NEW VIDEO CLIP for OKNOS "Rotten to the core"

Oknos guide into a fantastic universe of sounds, tear down the border between reality and fiction and let the listeners forget their dreary daily life. A sold and punchy sound, filled with hard riffs, is accompanied by an epic orchestra, ecpressive vocals and powerful choirs.

Founded it 2013, Oknos soon started writing their own songs. Their debut album “Old World” was released at the 13th of January in 2017. It is a concept album with the central topic of a tragic love story and the philosophical question of what would be possible if you could change the past - would there be the chance to make things right or would all end in tears again?

Their second album “From Ashes” was published at the 22nd of July 2022. In contrast to “Old World” it does not tell one self-contained story. Instead the lyrics approach various topics - from witch persecution and the myth of Loreley to friendship, hate and love.

The album is extremely elaborate produced and displays a various musical range. There are classical symphonic-metal-songs as well as epic choirs and gentle ballads, and also hard riffs and modern syntheziser.

Besides various guest musician a children choir is involved. Mix and mastering was done by the danish producer Jacob Hansen (Amaranthe, Volbeat, Epica and many others).

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