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  • Jason Hesley

NEW video clip for IRONWILL, "True Or Not 2.0"

The Rock against Bullying project was born in 2018 from an initiative by Salvo "Ironwill" Dell'Arte: the band is part of a wide kaleidoscope in which all artistic forms are involved: music, photography, video, comics, illustration and works of art. IRONWILL ‘s aim is to bring together the best artists who are able to express, the importance of the themes dealt with in each phase of the project, through their emotions.

IRONWILL believes that rock music and other forms of art are the best way to communicate with people, especially young people and teenagers, the light of the soul that everyone needs on the evolution path of their lives. Art is part of life and is the best way to help us give true meaning to our journey on this Earth.

IRONWILL aims to deal with personal and psychological issues, offering different points of view into the depths of one's soul, trying to shine a warm light at the audience. The first chapter dealt with bullying; in 2019 IRONWILL recorded the concept album "The Jonathan's Journey".

The second chapter released in 2020/2021, called "Breakout", is about the evolution of souls; 10 songs (plus an introductory single) linked by the same perspective: a positive evolution. In the meantime, IRONWILL are experimenting with a return to blues with a set of singles in which the crossover between rock and blues allows them to explore the themes musically. This fascinating exploration is called B2B Back to Blues.

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