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  • Jason Hesley

New single from Seattle/USA-based melodic death metal band Veriteras!

Veriteras (pronounced Ve-ra-te-ras) is a Seattle/USA-based melodic death metal band formed in 2018. Inspired by the Scandinavian melodic death scene (Kalmah, early-era In Flames, Children of Bodom, etc.), they strive to balance powerful and memorable melodies with an aggressive and heavy sound.They played their first show in 2019, and prior to the COVID pandemic were actively gigging across the Puget Sound region.Veriteras remained active and productive during the pandemic shutdown, releasing two EPs; “Banished” in 2020 and “Citadel” in 2021. Cumulatively, these releases have gathered over 10,000 plays across all streaming platforms.

The band is eager to continue building on their momentum, and entered the studio with renowned Seattle-area audio engineer/producer Don Gunn to record their full- length debut album, "Shadow of Death", scheduled for release in March 2022. Recently the band has released the track, "Forever Enslaved" which can be head above.

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