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NEW lyric video for TERRIBLE SICKNESS "Slaves to Decay"

Terrible Sickness was founded in autumn 2010 in Hannover, Germany, by Peter and Kevin. Since both Death-Grind fanatics musically completed each other very well, the first Demo “Abattoir of Pleasure” could be recorded in December that year, which was created completely on their own.

In January 2011, Karsten entered as a second guitarist and soon after Hendrik joined the band on bass. In this line up the quartet began to record their first full length album in October 2011.

Due to personal circumstances, Kevin was forced to travel back to his home country, the USA, in January 2011. Jan became the new guitarist and Florian as the new singer was brought into the group. The Death-Thrash vocals which Florian provided in earlier bands like Project 666 and Kryonix were the perfect addition to the existing song material.

The recordings which had already started were completed by Florian and Jan, so that in April 2013, the first album “First Rape Still Sexy” was released. After the release and some following gigs, the songwriting for the second record began, having been shaped by Kevins departure and resulting in a slightly increased touch of Thrash sound. The outcome of sweat and blood was then recorded in October and November 2015 under the title “Feasting on your Perdition” and contains 11 songs with a playing time of about 39 minutes.

Immediately after the recordings of the new album, Hendrik had to quit the band due to acute health problems. Even if his withdrawal in this context was very depressing, Terrible Sickness could soon find a new bass-player by recruiting Eike from Putrefaction.

In March 2017, “Feasting on your Perdition” was released. The album received some notable positive feedback in the respective press (Legacy 13/15, 9/10, Rock Hard 8/10, …) and Terrible Sickness, with the new record on their back, sub­se­quently were able to play stunning gigs at the Protzen Open Air and the Rock unter den Eichen festival amongst others, where the new songs’ ability to enrage the crowd was proven.

In the course of 2018, Terrible Sickness and Jan’s ways parted, since the latter wanted to move his musical career into a new direction. But by acquiring Jens, another member of Putrefaction dedicated to extreme music quickly replaced the empty slot. In this line-up, with all the energy of these 5 maniacs, Terrible Sickness was focussing on writing and recording new songs in 2022. As a foretaste of the next album, the vinyl-single “Dethroned Immortality” was released in April 2022. This record includes next to a new track a rerecording of “I Spit in Your Grave”, a classic right from the start.

Between April and July 2022 Terrible Sickness finally recorded the new material in full. Once again, the Audiobeast studio in Asendorf was boarded under the direction of Emil Richters, who also already supervised recordings, mixing and mastering of the "Feasting" disc. 10 own songs and a cover of the mighty Defleshed ("Feeding Fatal Fairies") have been recorded under the album title "Flesh for the Insatiable". Terrible Sickness were thereby supported by none other than Martin Matzak (ex-Torchure), who joined as a guest vocalist on several songs. The front and back artwork of the album was designed by Daniel Bartell, as was the case with "Feasting".

The upcoming release of "Flesh for the Insatiable" will be on CD and digitally via Black Sunset/MDD on November 18th2022. A vinyl release is still in the planning stages.

The band in the current lineup sees itself rooted in the Death Metal style of the 90’s.

One will find riffs inspired by Suffocation, Death and Malevolent Creation in the sound and often the songs are enriched by catchy thrash parts.

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