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NEW lyric video for NEOPERA, "Tuba Mirum"

Tuba Mirum is an epic monument and unites three contrasting voices, large choirs and gripping instrumental interludes into a brute body of work that describes the turmoil of the world in all its facets. Tuba Mirum combines intense hope for a peaceful world with brutal reality. Neopera pulls out all the stops in this song to show the versatility of their own music.


Jörn Schubert (Dark Age) always wanted to combine heavy metal music with classical music. For this purpose, he sought suitable musicians, eventually finding the soprano Nina Jiers and the baritone Thorsten Schuck. At that time, Jiers had no experience with metal. Mirko Gluschke (Dead End Circle), who is a good friend of Schubert, became the growling vocalist. Dirk Schlächter (Gamma Ray) became the band's bass guitarist. In addition, during the recording of the demo, Corvin Bahn (ex-(?)Gamma Ray), André Schumann (Dark Age) and Guiomar Espineira (flautist) helped, in order to release the first demo ("Destined Ways'") in mid-2011, in collaboration with the producer Elke Freese (Dark Age, Hammer Studios).

On 29 May 2012, Schubert signed a contract with the record company earMUSIC which asked him to record an entire album. The recordings for the album Destined Ways began in June 2012 and were finished in November 2012. It was released in Germany on 29 August 2014 and internationally on 18 July 2014. The two year time gap between the completion of the album and its release was explained by the search for a suitable sample space and new members. Schumann and Espineira were only intended in the studio recordings and Bahn was not available at that time for live performances. Therefore, the band searched for new live musicians. Eventually, Mikis Trimborn (Syndemic) became the second guitarist, while Thorsten Harnitz (Counter-World Experience, Crystal Breed) became the drummer.

On 1 August 2014, Neopera made their second appearance at Wacken Open Air Liveshow.

After the debut album “Destined Ways” in 2014 and the EP “In Memoriam” in 2020 (produced in 2015) “An Eternal Night” is a first sign of life to show that Neopera is back. During the recording of the debut album, the exceptional guitarist and head of the band Jörn Schubert fell ill with muscular dystonia in his left hand and from then on could only make music to a very limited extent. Schubert took the title of the debut album "Destined Ways" literally and tackled the path that had been predetermined for him with a firm step. After years of therapy, the path with Neopera continues. Schubert will no longer be seen on stage. As a composer, however, he is more active than ever. He follows the predetermined path together with baritone Thorsten Schuck, who has accompanied him since the beginning of Neopera, and an otherwise new band line-up: soprano: Jasmin Gajewski, guitar: Nino Helfrich, bass / vocals: Denis Filimonov.

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