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  • Jason Hesley

NEVER REBORN Go Back To The Old School With Lyric Video For Thrash Laden “Existence Denied”

Thundering out of the thrash gates comes Arizona’s Never Reborn, a hard-hitting three-piece that released their second album “Ashes of Our Past” back in March to great reception. Fueled by that momentum, they have a new lyric video out now for the track “Existence Denied”. The song is about alien abduction, someone who is looking for signs of alien existence, not knowing that he has been abducted his entire life.

Guitarist/vocalist Steve White explains more:

"The aliens are doing tests on this person to try and figure out why we exist as humans. As the lyrics go...​Awaken in the night, surrounded by light,Movement denied, horror I cannot disguiseOn a cold bed I lieHorrified, yet cannot cryAnd those black eyes, so cold insideDrill comes to life, inside they spyUnder the knife, once more am I"

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