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NEURECTOMY - featuring ORIGIN's John Longstreth - to Release Debut Album, Overwrought!

NEURECTOMY, a trio of NYC-based tech-death wizards, are set to unleash their debut album, Overwrought. Featuring the drumming prowess of ORIGIN's John Longstreth, Overwrought delivers 30 genre-bending minutes of forward-thinking technical death metal.

The band has posted visualizers for two songs off the album, "Crimson Tsunami" and "Dolphin." Watch the videos at:

Both songs are streaming on Spotify.

NEURECTOMY will release Overwrought on November 17.


1) Abducted for Research

2) Culinary Cadaveric Art

3) Anencephalic Birth

4) Dolphin

5) Zombified

6) Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progres

7) Overwrought

8) Crimson Tsunami

The term NEURECTOMY is a reference to the surgical removal of a nerve which ties into the band’s interests in medical themes and the human condition. NEURECTOMY focuses on overall musicianship in their songs and aims to write engaging material that has musical depth and complexity. Listeners will often find something new and interesting even on repeated listens of the material.

Recording and production of the album feature many prominent metal musicians and sound engineers in the industry. Longstreth’s drum tracks were recorded at Silver Chord Studios (owned by Joe Duplantier of Gojira) and were tracked with Johann Meyer (front-of-house engineer for Gojira). The album is mixed and mastered by Christian Donaldson from Cryptopsy with assistant engineering from Dominic Grimard.

The band recommends listening to the album front to back as there is a natural order of progression in intensity where each track generally tops the preceding one. Listeners will notice obvious influences from tech-death bands such as Origin, Beneath the Massacre, Dying Fetus, etc. Additionally, the band includes jazz elements and touch style/tapping guitar techniques similar to Psyopus. Lyrical themes on the album are generally tongue-in-cheek and primarily meant to compliment the underlying music with additional aggression, not any deep-rooted message or sentiment.

The album clocks in at around 30 minutes which hits a sweet spot giving the listener the opportunity to enjoy the album front to back in one sitting without being overwhelmed, but maybe overwrought...

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