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  • Jason Hesley

NEMUS ANIMA to release the Album The God Of Forest on June 1st!

'The God Of Forest' album tracklisting and cover art are as follows:

1. Talking Dead

2. Don't Breathe

3. The Smith

4. Wisps In The Cosmos

5. River Of Skeletons

6. Decaying

8. Weightless

Nemus Anima is a one-man melodic black/death metal project formed in Autumn of 2023 in Vaasa, Finland. That's when Topi Karhunen started to write his first debut album Hatred Embodiment. He had played in a few metal bands before but now was the time to write his own music under his own conditions.

Topi's main instrument is guitar but he also recorded vocals, bass, synth/orchestration by himself and did drum tracks on a computer.

Nemus Anima's style is melodic black/death metal with atmospheric synths and orchestrations. The music style was not planned it just came out naturally.

It's not too black metal nor too melodic. Darkness and melancholy are the core of Nemus Anima.

Nemus Anima will always remain as a studio project. Topi has no desire to get back on stage nor play in a band any longer. But he will never stop writing new music.

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