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  • Jason Hesley


Nekrodawn has announced the release of their latest sonic assault, "Sacred Termination". As their second single, "Sacred Termination" showcases Nekrodawn's iconic fusion of unyielding heavy guitar work, a robust rhythm section, and deep, guttural vocals. The band is further establishing their reputation as one of the heaviest new Death Metal acts of 2024. "Sacred Termination" is now accessible on all major streaming platforms.

Jonas Kjellgren, the band's vocalist, guitarist, and founding member, commented on the release, stating, "'Sacred Termination' was the inaugural track composed for the band. It draws significant inspiration from groups such as Crypt of Kerberos, Bolt Thrower, and Demilich. While our music doesn't mirror these bands precisely, 'Sacred Termination' is influenced by their compellingly heavy and complex riffs and the overall atmosphere they create." To complement the track, a lyric video has also been launched.

The single's cover art was crafted by Adi, known as "Dechristianize Art," while the lyric video was created by Andrea Mantelli. Paula Hirseland is credited with the band's photography.

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