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  • Jason Hesley

Necrotized released their debut album Eternal Perversion!

Irish Death Metal band Necrotized released their debut album «Eternal Perversion». The release was recorded by Shane Corcoran in his home studio and mixed/mastered by Domo Dixon of Gama Bomb. The artwork by Paul Mc Carroll.

Necrotized was formed in 2015 at Kilkenny, Ireland as a two piece band. The band released the single 'Bloated Bag Of Entrails' the same year. Not long after this the members went their separate ways leaving Shane "Red" Corcoran (Guitar/Vocals) as the only member of the band. Necrotized is heavily influenced by old school bands such as Carcass, Desecration, Exhumed etc while also keeping the band's sound quite modern.


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