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  • Jason Hesley

Necrofier fan the flames ahead of album release!

NECROFIER are streaming 'Burning Shadows in the Southern Night' in full over on Black Metal Promotion. Bask in the dark and fiery glory of all ten tracks HERE.

'Burning Shadows in the Southern Night' makes strides where second albums often stumble. It doubles down on the heavy metal guitar workouts that made this scorching black metal band's first album unique. But while these Texans still honor the malignant virtues of black metal, this time around, they switched things up by taking an old-school approach to the studio. Their new album was produced by GRAMMY nominee Joel Hamilton, whose nimble hand makes these songs sound lean and thunderous.

"Joel is one of the world's best engineers" says Christian "Bakka" Larson, the band's vocalist and guitarist. "He wanted to record something heavy, so we made the trip to New York City to record at legendary Studio G."

"With a full vintage Neve front end and a host of Telefunken and Neumann microphones, we tracked the record the old way", adds drummer Dobber Beverly.

With its sweltering melodic leads, lead single "Burnt by the Sacred Flame" already showed what separates NECROFIER from their contemporaries. But the album packs plenty more heat. It opens with ominous piano and mournful, operatic vocals before plummeting into the raging void of "Total Southern Darkness". "Whispers That Burn in the Dark" is whipped along by blast beats that pound the air like a horde of bats, while the merciless climb of "Destroying Angels" is spearheaded by Bakka's demonic roar.

"Texas has a style all of its own," Bakka says. "We are always trying to outdo the rest of the world".

'Burning Shadows in the Southern Night" is out tomorrow, June 2, 2023. The album can be pre-saved across all streaming platforms HERE and pre-ordered through the Season of Mist website HERE.

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