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  • Jason Hesley

MYTHRAEUM Release New Single/Video For "Beyond The Void"

Heading towards the end of next week’s album release, San Diego-based Black Metal aggregation MYTHRAEUM release another sampling from their anticipated debut. “Beyond the Void” is released as a digital single today, accompanied by a new video highlighting their live show. While “Beyond the Void” retains all of the benchmarks black metal fans have come to love about the genre, MYTHRAEUM aim to build upon those influences with some shred- and folk-inspired guitarwork to elevate the track and making it a tad more interesting than the rudimentary traditions.  Check out “Beyond the Veil” video HERE

Beyond the Void’ is a very dark and personal song that deals with being shown the very truths of existence,” cite MYTHRAEUM. “By letting go of these collected memories over time that chain us to this earth, we can shed our humanity and traverse Beyond the Void to seek out our cosmic self.  That being said, we felt a live video was perfect for this song because it shows our raw authentic selves and we want to share that with the world.

Beyond the Void' follows first single/video “Skies Torn Asunder in giving a peek at what these US Wacken Metal Battle winners have in store on their awaited full-length, ‘Oblivion Aeternam.’ Recorded by MYTHRAEUM and Ethan Stouder, the album was mixed and mastered by J-F Dagenais (Kataklsym, Malevolent Creation, Exodus) and is ripe for fans of classic black metal like Emperor, Dimmu Borgir, and Dark Funeral as well as taking inspiration from groups like Wintersun and Kalmah.

This album means so much to us as we have worked diligently on it for two years now! Being able to finally unleash our first full-length upon the world has us very ecstatic and anxious for everyone to hear it,” states MYTHRAEUM. “The album itself shows the progression of an already failing society falling into the hands of an armageddon where the earth is reclaiming its throne and cosmic deities have this sort of reign on any last grasp of humanity. All the while, the protagonist of our story is fighting off any evil that roams the lands only to be met with a crushing sense of existentialism. We feel as though these dark and romantic ideas that tantalize our own existence definitely mirror the musical prowess of this album. We hope that through ‘Oblivion Aeternam’ you may embody these emotions and become one with us... for we are all Mythras!!!

Oblivion Aeternam’ will be release 6/6/24 on Digital, Digipak CD w/booklet and a special 2LP pressing, limited to 300 copies of pure denim colored vinyl, which adds MYTHRAEUM’s 2023 EP ‘Halls of Mythras’ as a bonus for side 4. Pre-Order HERE

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