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  • Jason Hesley

Mystic death metallers SYMBOLICAL - Feat. Dariusz “Daray” Brzozowski - to Release New EP “Natura”

Mystic death metallers SYMBOLICAL - feat. Dariusz “Daray” Brzozowski - are set to release their new EP “Natura” on September 8th. “Natura” is the second part of the trilogy started with the EP "Igne" (2021). Furthermore the band has unleashed a video for 'The Dread World', created by Natalia from N.Station.

Cymer commentary: “It's time to open our new chapter about Jesus. He will face Dark Urizen - Universe's brother who cast Jesus into hell where he will become the leader of demon army. We still keep the spirit of former albums but for the first time we decide to use William Blake's lyrics - The First books of Urizen. Enjoy !!

The EP pre-order will be available soon at

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