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  • Jason Hesley

MUTUAL HOSTILITY: US death metallers share "Reality Lens" guitar play-through!

American death metallers MUTUAL HOSTILITY have revealed a new guitar play-through video for the single "Reality Lens". Watch it HERE. MUTUAL HOSTILITY released their new album, "Inhuman Anguish", in June via Lethal Scissor Records. Following the good feedback received for the “Sacred Propaganda” EP, MUTUAL HOSTILITY waste no time continuing their attack and return with their first full-length. The band have thankfully made no great changes to their juggernaut sound. Dynamic, utterly crushing, immediately memorable, the band’s death metal stick to its guns without de-escalating the branded frenetic motion and interminable aggression. Drawing inspiration from bands such as Suffocation, Deicide and Gorguts, MUTUAL HOSTILITY create a sound distinctly modern but with an appreciation for the old school death metal legends, all executed with near surgical meticulousness. Tracklist:

1. Exordium 2. Reality Lens 3. Unknown Echoes 4. Lie In Wait 5. Myth Through Time 6. Faces In The Walls 7. Black Vault 8. Biorhythm 9. Denouement

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