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  • Jason Hesley

MUTILATION CASE Unveils Self-Titled Debut Album!

The Hungarian band MUTILATION CASE has released its self-titled debut album, a unique exploration in the realm of "dadaistic death metal." The album, which was released on November 3, 2023, is a joint venture by METAL ÖR DIE RECORDS (Hungary), MYTHRONE RECORDS, and DEFENSE RECORDS (Poland), with 500 copies available on CD.


Metal Ör Die Rex

9 track album

MUTILATION CASE's concept revolves around the serial killers of the 20th century in Hungarian criminal history. Their musical style, termed "dadaistic death metal," combines Scandinavian/Swedish distorted guitars using HM-2 distortion pedals with an array of unconventional instruments and sounds, including the saxophone, creating a unique sonic experience.

In addition to the standard CD release, METAL ÖR DIE RECORDS has also issued a special ultra-limited CD-box, limited to just 50 copies. This collector's edition includes a printed patch, a postcard, and a book titled "The Executioners of the Carpathian Basin," written in both English and Hungarian by a criminalist expert. The book delves into the stories behind the songs, providing a deeper understanding of the album's thematic content.

The band's video clip for the song "Erdő" is available for viewing on YouTube, offering a glimpse into their distinctive approach to death metal:

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