• Jason Hesley

Music Video Premiere: "Virtues of the Vicious" by Let Us Prey!

To celebrate today's release of LET US PREY's new album “Virtues of the Vicious,” the band has released a music video for its title track, which features a guest guitar solo by Metal Mike Chlasciak (Halford, Testament). The clip – which debuted yesterday via Rock Hard Magazine and Ghost Cult Magazine, the latter of which described the track as “a blend of Lamb of God, Death, recent Testament and classic Nevermore... one of the best metal songs of the summer” – can be streamed at HERE.

Says vocalist Marc Lopes (who helmed the video himself), “'Virtues of the Vicious' in simple terms is about if we are inherently violent by nature and born this way, or if it's a learned trait and a product of our environment. I actually did a two-week study about this before writing the lyrics. The conclusion is up for endless debate, and a conversation I would only have in a personal one-on-one encounter with a person of open and sound mind. The title was inspired from an episode of 'The Punisher,' and the artwork is relief sculpture from Vigeland Sculpture Park in Oslo by Gustav Vigeland. When I saw this piece while visiting Oslo in 2017, I was immediately drawn and fascinated by the work, so I took a series of pictures knowing I would use them in some manner in the future. The image and title just worked for me. The music itself is chaos, mixing many styles of metal into one sitting. I wanted total mayhem for the guitar solos, so I called on Metal Mike Chlasciak, who also I jam with in another project. I could not be happier with the results, which are my personal musical to the subject matter.”

“Virtues of the Vicious” is out now digitally on all major streaming platforms, while physical copies on CD and limited-edition blood red vinyl can be purchased via and our Webstore. The album was recorded by Nick Bellmore (Hatebreed, Toxic Holocaust, Five Finger Death Punch) and Pete Rutcho (Revocation, Havok, Bury Your Dead), with the latter also handling mixing and mastering.


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