• Jason Hesley

Music Video Premiere: "R.I.P." by Softcore Suicide!

Today, Softcore Suicide made their next step in their careers, signing with the American label, RFL Records, which from its end signed its second European band to its roster. 

RFL Records' CEO, Jon Marchewka, talked about the Finnish invasion: “I have been talking on and off with Samu Laaksonen, Softcore Suicide guitarist for about 4 years now. I found the bands video on YouTube and really loved what they were doing so this was very exciting when we got this inked. I’m a huge fan of Glam/Sleaze and Softcore Suicide does it with a vengeance; we are extremely thrilled to have these guys and are ready to get their music out to the universe.”

Petri Nikula, lead vocalist of Softcore Suicide, joined in saying: “We are more than happy to be part of the RFL family. This is a start of a great and hopefully long journey with the RFL Records and we are really looking forward to work with them“  

At the moment, works on the debut full length are underway, with the album expected to be released in the coming future

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