• Jason Hesley

Music Video Premiere: "Insomniac" by Dying Oath!

Dying Oath is a melodic metalcore band based out of Rural Retreat, Virginia. Fierce and energetic, they look to harden their footprint in the surrounding metal scene.

Originally formed in 2018, drummer, Ryan Endicott, and lead guitarist, Josh Hagee, started writing music together. Their chemistry mixed very well, with each other being able to communicate and make songs in typical musician fashion. Through several auditions and searching, they came across Jacob Richmond, who played the drums, and at that point, Ryan decided to move to guitar. With that, they then decided on Jeb Baxley for clean vocals and not long after, they moved in on their second vocalist for screams, Mindy Jackson. After looking for a bassist, Jacob and Mindy brought in Ryan Matney, who had played in a band with them years before. 

Even though the band is newer with a full line-up, they are excited to showcase their talents and stories in their upcoming debut album that is set to release mid to late 2020.

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