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  • Jason Hesley

Murderous US extreme metal project AcidBrain to release horrifying new album The Lust Murders!

Two years on from the gruesome horrors of their Murderous debut album, AcidBrain have returned. Once again the locked doorway in your brain that keeps the most chilling nightmares of stomach churning atrocities at bay will be broken down. Like a pack of screaming devils the warped imaginings of multi-instrumentalist Anthony Cotter and his vocalist and collaborator Steve Rasmussen will tear through the corridors of your mind, searing and scarring, leaving carnage in their wake. New full length album The Lust Murders is here and your dreams will never be the same again.

It’s hard to believe that Cotter and Rasmussen could have concocted an album more vicious, heinous and heartless than Murderous, but watching you from the shadows gathered in that dark corner is The Lust Murders – a wicked, blood-drenched beast of a record; a soulless thing with empty eyes that exists only to maim and kill. Filthy, rusted riffs like serrated blades tear at the flesh while strange, perverse grooves sway and twist in the arterial spray. The unnerving introduction of ‘The Lust Murders’ itself should be enough to have the sane and civilised running for the hills, but any who wait too long, consumed by curiosity, will soon find themselves choking in the ‘Intestinal Noose’. Once you’re trapped in this crimson palace, haunted by the revenant corpses of death metal and grindcore, there’s no escape until a truly criminally insane cover of Slayer’s ‘Dead Skin Mask’ delivers the final, fatal thrust. Rampant and repugnant this is an album beyond all hope of redemption.

Draped in the hideous imagery of infamous horror artist Martin Trafford and featuring guest appearances from the likes of Vulvodynia and NecroticGoreBeast, The Lust Murders will crawl from its basement lair on July 28th. AcidBrain have ventured into the deepest pits of degradation with this latest gore splattered chapter in their chronicles of disgrace. Stay away from strangers and avoid unlit pathways because the hunt is on…and to these monsters, everyone is prey.

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