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  • Jason Hesley

Mother of All Share “Comic Darkness,” First Single off the New Album, ‘Global Parasitic Leviathan’

Copenhagen progressive/melodeath act Mother of All returns with their second full-length, Global Parasitic Leviathan, scheduled for 05 April 2024 physically (CD & vinyl) and digitally. As the first excerpt from the album, Mother of All, now operating as a full lineup, is streaming the first track, “Cosmic Darkness,” which questions a new civic religion promising progress from our immoralities.

Martin Haumann, the architect behind the Danish group, states:

“‘Cosmic Darkness is the opening number of ‘Global Parasitic Leviathan.’ The new social contract descends from above. A new civic religion promises to turn our dark vices into an engine of progress. But at what cost?”

Find the track on your preferred digital/streaming media AT THIS LOCATION

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