• Jason Hesley

MOSKOWA presents "The Man of the Three islands"

MoSKowa is a band formed on a whim with Stella, Manny and

K. (aka Kylroys). A band shaped in a Progressive Death Metal register where the inspirations come from Morbid Angel, Decapitated & Gojira.

"The Man of the Three Island" is a concept album set over a period of

the history of France. “The Man of the Three Island” was recorded on Track Down Music with Valentin Carreau.

The album has been available since May 5, 2017 on digital platforms and

in Europe. The band is in the process of composing the second album focused on a

another concept. On December 2, 2020, Music-Records will release a new very limited version of the album with a new production, produced by Valentin Carreau.

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