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  • Jason Hesley

Morvudd released their debut self-titled EP.

Polish Black Metal band Morvudd released their debut self-titled EP. The release was recorded, mixed and mastered in "Studio Cierpienie" by Marcel Gawinecki.

Morvudd was formed in 2021 at Bydgoszcz, Poland by Krystian Racinowski (Guitars), Hubert Racinowski (Bass), Jakub Pilarski (Guitars) and Igor Makowski (Drums). Their genre-defining sound delves deep into the abyss of philosophy, existentialism, and spiritualism, exploring themes of anthropophobia, misery, nature, and death. As an unsigned and independent entity, Morvudd's status remains active, signaling a relentless pursuit of artistic expression and sonic exploration.

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