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Legendary Death Metal outfit Morta Skuld unleash their new album on the masses this February 23rd 2024.

Scaling new heights of brutality for the longstanding US death metal veterans, ‘Creation Undone’ is the latest work of inspired extremity from frontman and mastermind Dave Gregor and co. In a time when the band’s iconic and celebrated debut ‘Dying Remains’ reaches its thirty year milestone, and with recent live activity on both sides of the Atlantic seeing the quartet performing to a ravenous fanbase of metalheads both old and new, Morta Skuld now returns with a ten track opus of pure death metal in their unrelenting and unwavering pursuit of heaviness, still going strong after three decades, as the band unleashes their successor to 2020’s ‘Suffer For Nothing’.

With themes exploring an increasingly savage, corrupt and destructive state of the world in present times, and executed with a razor-sharp precision, with ferocious and hook-laden compositions to match and even exceed any of their highly-regarded early output.

Following the devastating impact of COVID and the world at large falling into disrepair and dismay, Morta Skuld were inspired to write their new album about the state of world and what it had become in the wake of this new era.

Opting for a different writing strategy this time around rather than writing a song and performing it at rehearsals the band instead took their practice sessions as writing sessions. Focusing on a single song and honing it until it was completed before moving onto the next song. It was a fantastic way to keep the album feeling focused and fresh

Dave Gregor states:

We Rise We Fall” is the debut single to be released from our forthcoming record entitled “Creation Undone”. Fresh but rooted in the vein of old school death metal, it is sure to have something for everyone. We worked harder than ever on this record and took a different approach writing and recording it. We look forward to seeing all of you on the road next year when this album drops.

‘Creation Undone’ was recorded and mixed at Belle City Sound Studios by Chris Djuricic, with mastering work conducted at Flatline Audio with Dave Otero.

  1. We Rise We Fall                   [04:56]

  2. The End Of Reason              [03:57]

  3. Painful Conflict                     [04:22]

  4. Unforeseen Obstacles          [04:25]

  5. Perfect Prey                            [03:25]

  6. Soul Piercing Sorrow            [04:59]

  7. Into Temptation                    [04:09]

  8. Self Destructive Emotions   [04:49]

  9. Oblivion                                   [04:55]

  10. By Design                                [04:42]

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