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  • Jason Hesley


Morta Skuld are proud to present a special 2CD and limited edition red vinyl LP edition of their classic 1993 debut. The release marks 30 years since its release and the 2CD features Morta Skuld’s influential early demos ‘Gory Departure’ and ‘Prolong The Agony’ as well as rare rehearsal tracks.

The band had the following to say regarding the landmark anniversary:

“We can’t express how excited we are to celebrate Dying Remains turning 30 years old. We are so thankful for all the support and are honoured that fans have held this album in such high regard over these last 30 years. And so, three decades after entering the studio to record what was our first record, in the coming weeks we will embark again into the studio to record our new studio album. This will be ten tracks of fresh but yet rooted material, staying true to our sound as always, and we can’t wait to share this with you all.”

Morta Skuld formed in Milwaukee in 1990, quickly producing two demos before going on to release three albums on Peaceville Records (initially via legendary sub-label Deaf Records) in the early-mid 90’s. Many years later, and with a new line-up, founder and mainman David Gregor then reunited with Peaceville for the recent opuses ‘Wounds Deeper Than Time’, and ‘Suffer For Nothing’, showing that none of the brutal & inspired magic of the band’s former years had been lost.

‘Dying Remains’ was Morta Skuld’s debut, released in 1993 and recorded at Cornerstone Studios. Morta Skuld brought a refreshing blend of heavy and brutal death and doom along with occasionally more atmospheric and melodic elements instead of many straight forward high-octane death metal releases prevalent in the US scene at the time. This was an element which helped to distinguish them from many of their peers, establishing the band and leading to shows with such classic acts as Obituary, Death, Deicide, Napalm Death, Fear Factory, and Cannibal Corpse.

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