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  • Jason Hesley


Written whilst Thomas was on a road trip, ‘Bortgang’ Norwegian for ‘demise’ , was inspired by the beautiful Nordic countryside. Thematically the song explores the idea of legacy and it’s various interpretations from both the perspective of the deceased and those that were left behind.

Musically the song showcases a mid-paced style that builds on the signature sound that Mork have been crafting thus far. Exploring more dynamics and representing even more depth than past releases. ‘Bortgang’ shows just how far Mork have come from their humble beginnings ten years ago and is a fantastic introduction to the world of ‘Dypet’.

Regarding the song, Thomas Eriksen had the following to say:

“One of my most beautiful poems, to date. Written whilst on a roadtrip in Norway, in a beautiful fjord somewhere in western Norway (ca. 2020). The poem is about passing away and what that might mean to you and the ones left behind. The music was also something I was very pleased with, feeling it was the most beautiful piece of music I’ve written thus far. One day I figured to combine the two, and there you have the song.”

‘Bortgang’ is out now on all streaming platforms.

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