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  • Jason Hesley

MORDIAN Pays Doleful Tribute To BATHORY's "Ring of Gold" [Out March 22]!

MORDIAN is a Vocalist/Composer from Chicago, IL. Also known for her work with DIAMORTE and SHIELD OF WINGS, MORDIAN showcases unassailable expressiveness once again in this doleful tribute to black metal icon Quorthon of BATHORY. Her mournful vocal breathes a new life into the evocative tale of romance, filled with rich imagery and melancholic hearts.

"Though there are many songs that have lent a hand in shaping the person I am today, musically and spiritually, one of the first to come to mind would be 'Ring of Gold'." MORDIAN offers, "This is my tribute to the legend that is BATHORY. Hail Quorthon!"

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