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  • Jason Hesley

Moose Cult, a UK-based heavy metal band, announces their self-titled debut album!

Bringing a fresh perspective to the heavy metal scene, Moose Cult is thrilled to announce their self-titled debut album. Infusing old school heavy metal with the raw energy of death/doom, the self-released digital album sets a new bar for innovative sounds.

Moose Cult was formed by Jonny Moose with a vision to create something thematically and musically aligned with the likes of Monsterworks, Thūn, and Bull Elephant. Accompanied by Huge Cult on bass, Jimmy K on drums, and Tommy Loose handling lead guitar duties, the band takes listeners on a thrilling musical journey.

Comprising seven tracks, the album plunges listeners into the band's unique sonic universe, moving from the eponymous "Moose Cult" through tracks like "The Blood of Dead Idealists", "Dire Logic", and "No. Really", concluding with "The Girl That Saved the World". Each song is an exploration of a distinct facet of the band's blended genre.

Although Moose Cult's concept was originally formed as an "envirometal" tribute to nature preservation, the artwork, ingeniously crafted by, presents an entirely more sinister visual narrative that complements the raw, powerful sonic landscape of the album.

Moose Cult promises to be an immersive experience for fans of Bull Elephant, Balmog, Judas Priest, and Obituary, among others. A true homage to heavy metal, the album is a must-listen for any avid metal fan looking for new music in the genre.

The album was recorded and mixed by Jon, mastered by Dan Swanö, with drum production by JK Rollin' and lead guitar recorded by Sam Loose. All other guitars were recorded by Jon himself, bringing a personal touch to the music.

About Moose Cult

Moose Cult is a heavy metal band from the United Kingdom, combining the intensity of death/doom with the classic elements of heavy metal. The band is an innovative addition to the heavy metal scene, blending unique thematic elements with powerful and complex musical compositions.

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