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  • Jason Hesley

Montreal's KAPITUR release "Nature Morte"

What began as an individual endeavor by Brazilian cellist and vocalist Bruna Wanderley, who now calls Montreal, Canada home, has now come to fruition as a full-fledged band known as Kapitur, which features members from Montreal's Spectral Wound, Cauchemar, Metalian, Ratpiss and Massive Scar Era. With a completed lineup in 2022, Kapitur unleashed an introductory cover single of Sepultura's "Roots Bloody Roots" with an astonishing music video to great acclaim.

Not wasting any time between releases, in July 2023, the band unshackled their debut EP "Covered in Dust", a heavy, ethereal, and atmospheric record, that was a personal songwriting and instrumental exploration by band founder Bruna Wanderley.

Released as a conceptual work, "Covered in Dust" burns down everything, that held Bruna back and allows her to flourish over the trauma.

Bruna explains the EP in further detail:

"Thematically, the EP speaks from personal experience. Inspired by the intrinsic struggles of exile, relationship trauma, and the safe space found in sci-fi literature, the record travels through wonder, solitude, and disillusionment. The existential themes are metaphors for the process of leaving one’s own homeland, failing to adapt, and making someone else your home to then yearn for salvation. The music moves from bleak cacophony to comforting melodies played on the cello, with warm, sorrowful tones that take you on an individual journey in a timeless space. A soul-burning amalgamation of chaos and beauty that unfolds an atmosphere and pace that allows for the coexistence of tranquility and despair."

Today, Kapitur presents their new video for the EP's opening track "Nature Morte", a song that was inspired by the ferocity of artists like Jarboe and Myrkur, who have influenced Bruna to compose, sing, and learn gutturals.

Bruna explains further:

"The main riff in the song came to fruition on the cello, while the other instruments were added to suit its atypical presence. NM is about post-trauma disembodiment, the feeling of dissociating from your body and emotions in order to cope. Amidst an intangible turmoil, we tranquilize ourselves in the trivial only to become passive observers. Not seeing things for what they are, we give way to madness. Lost in our disembodiment, a distressed inner voice that had been shut calls for help, to the realization of our denial and numbness. This track is the only one that follows the familiar form of verse-chorus-bridge-outro."

This video was a collaborative effort between Bruna Wanderley, Andres Arango, Sam Neumann, and Tyler Addey-Jibb. Filmed between Canada and Brazil with the help of friends and family along with being edited by Ben Tonkin in the UK.

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