• Jason Hesley

MONSTERWORKS Returns with New Album Malignment on October 2!

Prolific Super Metal Force MONSTERWORKS will release new album Malignment October 2 on Eat Lead and Die Music. Opening track "Impending Doom" is streaming now at this location.

After over a decade producing material based on various existential themes, Malignment returns MONSTERWORKS to the storyline created for the metal space adventure concept albums Spacial Operations (2007) and Singularity (2009). Malignment serves as both a prequel and sequel where the strikeship Magma Maiden, having disappeared with her pilot Nate during the Blastnet offensive (a major event in the Singularity album), crash lands in the Eritrean mountains of a near-future Earth. Nate is mortally wounded and his only hope of survival is to be fused with the ship’s A.I.. The procedure is successful but permanently affects the young man’s perception of reality. Now alone and with no means of return to his friends and family, two hundred years before his own birth, Nate must find a way to subsist in the world; while attempting to keep his origins, technology and capabilities hidden.

Vocalist/Guitarist Jon says: "This album will seem like a long time coming, since the band had been releasing something every year like clockwork for quite a while. We missed 2019 - sorry! Or did we? Anyway, it feels good to be back, and to take the Spacial Operations story further and to a conclusion of sorts."

Malignment was recorded over a two-year period in various studios and bunkers; finally pieced together, mixed and mastered by Damian Herring (Horrendous, Blood Incantation) May-July 2020 (subterraneanwatchtower). Front cover artwork excellently imagined by

Available as a 24-bit download and gatefold CD (mini-LP format) with 8-page lyric booklet from While waiting for release day, check out Spacial Operations and Singularity on Bandcamp to get up to light speed with the story (yeah, good luck with working that out!).



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