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  • Jason Hesley

Moldering Vibration release self-titled album!

Message From the Label: "A compilation of all the nastiest, most horrific, and slimiest works from Los Angeles grind/sludge outfit Moldering Vibration. This LP will continue to bludgeon you into the earth with track after track of worm infested old school grind and death metal slaughter and when you think you can't take anymore it will continue to ravage your mind and soul. Drawing from influences such as the primal grind and poweviolence of Excruciating Terror and Apartment 213, and fusing that with the rotten death metal of Autopsy and Incantation and the hopeless sludge of Khanate, Moldering Vibration is a truly decrepit sound that will rot your hopes and dreams into lifeless dust."

- Malevolent Sound

About the Album

What makes a good grind album? Is it furious speed and aggression coupled with feedback and distortion? Is it raw uncompromising DIY production and aesthetics? Is it bursts of punk infused energy that explode out of nowhere? Well yes, its all of these, elements that Moldering Vibration offer in spades, but they don't stop there. The band work in crushingly heavy doom and sludge influences and death metal filth that defies the standard rules of what grindcore should be. The self-titled album offers up a diverse spread of tracks that are drawn from throughout the band's entire lifespan. With track lengths ranging from 45 seconds to over four minutes, there's plenty of variety on display that ensures that nobody will get bored at any point. The band offer up filthy, uncompromising extreme metal carnage that steers clear of the more modern polished direction that many bands choose to go in. This is no-frills, dive-bar/house show grindcore that will beat the listener over the head with biting feedback and distortion, furious fast paced riffage, crushing heaviness and unhinged vocals. If you're a grindcore or death metal fan in any capacity, then do yourself a favour and give this LP a spin and embrace the filth and depravity on offer.

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