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  • Jason Hesley

Miserere Luminis release "Ordalie"

After a 15-year hiatus, Miserere Luminis returns with their atmospheric black metal album, Ordalie, offering a haunting, intricate journey of music. Crafted with painstaking attention to detail, the album is a stunning testament to their evolved sound, bound to captivate fans new and old.

Miserere Luminis, a beacon of Québec's Atmospheric Black Metal scene, is back with their highly anticipated second album, Ordalie, to be released under the Sepulchral Productions label on June 24, 2023. This dynamic trio - Annatar from Sombre Forêts, Icare and Neptune from Gris - have once again joined forces after an astounding 15-year hiatus since their debut release. They've spent years carefully honing and perfecting Ordalie, bringing an intensely emotional and intricate experience that has become synonymous with Miserere Luminis.

Ordalie is a carefully woven tapestry of atmospheric guitars, complex structures, and dramatic vocals, striking a balance between the dark and the beautiful. Their sonic journey will draw you in with a sense of nostalgia and excitement, invoking everything fans loved about their first release, yet evolving it into something even more compelling.

Each track in the album, from "Noir fauve" to "De venim et d’os," is a testament to the band's intricate musicianship and innovative songwriting, underpinned by a massive production effort. Joining them in this artistic endeavour is guest artist Sylvaine Arnaud, bringing her contrabass skills to the ensemble.

The album's release is primed to make waves in the global metal scene, with Sepulchral Productions launching an extensive promotional campaign involving ads in worldwide magazines and digital promos sent to global media outlets. If atmospheric black metal touches your soul, Miserere Luminis' Ordalie is an experience not to be missed.

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