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  • Jason Hesley

MISCREANCE Shares New Music Video for Song, "The Garden"

Old school technical death metal revivalists MISCREANCE will be reissuing their debut album, 'Convergence,' via Season of Mist on May 19, 2023! The album was originally self-released by the Italian newcomers in in September 2022. The band is now revealing a brand new music video for the song "The Garden," which can be found at THIS LOCATION. MISCREANCE comments: "Where the darkest of energy once reigned, a small glimpse of light seemed to made the nebulae converge into a unspeakable form of life. 'Convergence' is a 31-minute long odyssey that narrates how the Miscreance microcosm was born when atoms were still floating into the nothingness, twisting and turning into the evolution process like in its songs structures and giving the world (and beyond) the ultimate experience in Technical Thrash/Death Metal. Prepare for a voyage at the edge of reality that will make your brain cells implode!" 'Convergence' will be re-released on three different colored vinyl as well as CD formats. The record is now available for pre-order HERE while you can stream it across all digital platforms HERE.

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