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Mirzadeh present the album, "Sauna"

Mirzadeh is a dark metal band from Finland and its music is mid-tempo, melodic, strongly black- and folkmetal-influenced. Lyrics are mostly based on finnish mythology and local history. Also myths of Kalevala can be found from the lyrics often.

During the years 2019-2020 Mirzadeh was getting finally more active and released new EP-album called ”Sauna” , which included 5 songs. The band also published even three new music videos. The keyboardists ja the bands paths separated before the recordings so in the album the keyboards are played by Shagul and Mirox. Mirzadehs Sauna is a cross-section of the bands produsction and includes in a familiar way the sadness and the aggression by two languages.

The Pyhävuori (holy mountain) standing in the shore of Lappajärvi Lake, the sacrificial stone on it, rugged landscapes and the legends related into the place has inspired the lyrics of Mirzadeh from the bands first releases. To celebrate the 20th anniversary ”Valakea”-music video was shoot in the area. Also as a tribute to the home district the lyrics of the song has made using the local dialect.

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