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  • Jason Hesley

"Mirrors" by Trailight is out on May 26!

TRAILIGHT are preparing to unveil the new progressive metal offering Mirrors, due to be released on May 26th via Bandcamp. Delivering thundering rhythms, intricate guitar leads and soaring vocals, TRAILIGHT produce immersive sounds to explore new worlds and take a look inside ourselves.

"The general theme of the album Mirrors is an introspective view on my journey through life in both views of the internal and external world. A walk through a wilderness of mirrors in which every person or event reflects one’s self in it." - Omer Cordell

The albums begins with "The One You Feed", featuring Devin Townsend on lead guitar. Based on the story of two wolves, one dark and one light, inside of us which represent internal conflicts. Cordell explores ideas of balance where by keeping both wolves fed, balanced and taken care of they both will be happy. The title track, "Mirrors", is about encountering oneself in each person or situation, while "Harbour" is a story of journeying into the unknown and, despite the potential risk of losing it all, one keeps on moving onwards to find that our memories bring us comfort. Focused on the redundancy of conflict, "Victory" looks at how things move on in their natural order and pace, regardless of how much we want to fight it.

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