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  • Jason Hesley

MIND ERASURE to release Connive on Feb. 13th!

Time to reveal the title, cover, track-listing, and new video for the debut release of Greek death blacksters MIND ERASURE! The new album will be titled "Connive" and is going to be released on February 13, 2022.

Mind Erasure formed back in 2007, they have released one demo and one promo before The album “CONNIVE”. Through the years many members came and left with more noticeable the founder member Dimitris Garnelis who left the band for personal reasons right after the recording of “CONNIVE” have finished. We have shared the stage with many bands, such as, Rotting Christ, Planet Of Zeus & Temperance.

All preproduction recordings and mixing where done by Vasilis at KOSKI studio. Mastering by George Neratzis, Logo by Dod K, Artwork By Gogo Melone, blindfolds were made by Penelope Mamalou.

Track list.

1: Proem, 2: Pray For Salvation, 3: Azrael, 4: Mind Erasure 5: Connive, 6: Cataphasia, 7: Sore Eyes, 8: Last Stand, 9: As First Light never Comes Part I : Seal’s Break, 10: As First Light never Comes Part II : Apocalypse, 11: As First Light never Comes Part III : Life’s Epilogue.

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