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  • Jason Hesley

Militia Reignites the Thrash Metal Scene with "Psalms Of The Crimson King"

Hungary's thrash metal titans, Militia, are storming back into the spotlight with their eagerly anticipated second album, "Psalms Of The Crimson King". This album is a thrilling odyssey that melds scorching riffs, high-octane drums, and intense, black metal-inspired vocals with the distinctive timbre of a church organ, delivering an unparalleled thrash metal saga. At the helm of Militia's formidable sound are the dynamic duo, Thomas Khrul (music) and Lambert Lédeczy (vocals), seasoned warriors of the underground scene. With their rich history and proven prowess across various bands, they infuse this album with unmatched depth and intensity. Brace yourself for the awe-inspiring tempest that is "Psalms Of The Crimson King," now available on CD through Southland Records and on MC via Fekete Terror Productions. Dive into this masterpiece on Bandcamp and YouTube, with its imminent arrival on the streaming platforms.

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