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  • Jason Hesley

METHEDRINE: Italian crossover outfit drops new single "Cruel and Short"

Italian crossover and boundary-pushing quartet METHEDRINE will release their debut album, “No Solution, No Salvation” on January 19th 2024 via Time To Kill Records. Today, the band shares the new single "Cruel and Short"; stream it HERE.

Frontman Lou shares his sentiments about the track:

“I first heard ‘Cruel and Short’ when it was still in its embryonic stage, even before Dario and Bob joined the band and Methedrine became a tangible reality. I wrote the lyrics on the train between one change and another while I was traveling the usual 400 km to go and rehearse with Dario. They didn't all come to me at once; I remember that at that time I was obsessed with Slayer's ‘Undisputed Attitude’… I liked the way those hardcore punk classics sound on that record, and I thought that that was exactly what I was trying to achieve with Methedrine. The slower part is the result of Dario and Bob's passion for NYHC, and the latter suggested the vocal line to me.The refrain ‘Life is cruel and too short’ comes from a phrase that my older brother Mauro (R.I.P.) used to tell me all the time: "Life is like the ladder in the chicken coop: short, steep and paved with shit, so try to do everything you want as soon as you can because you don't know how long it will take you to get to the top’.In any case, it’s one of my favourite Methedrine songs and I am happy that Mark agreed to record the final solo... Short and cruel. Just like life”.

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