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Metallic hardcore masters SWORN ENEMY have announced upcoming live performances throughout the fall of 2021, in the wake of their first show in over two years, held recently at the Upstage Music Fest in Clearfield, PA.

Says vocalist Sal Lococo, “After just coming off our first show in almost 2 years it feels great to be able to get back to business the rest of the year. We got some really good stuff lined up like playing with Judas Priest in Florida, Nuclear Assault in Brooklyn, Overkill in New Jersey and ending out the year with our good friends Shadows Fall in Massachusetts. Way to get back to business these next few months!!!!”

Florida-based fans of the mix of hardcore fury, thrash metal power, and metallic precision generated by the Queens, New York-based scene veterans will receive multiple opportunities to unleash their energy in the mosh pit this weekend. The mayhem will begin with a headlining performance this Friday, September 10th at The Brass Mug in Tampa, FL. The group will then head to Orlando, FL on Saturday, September 11th to take part in Warlando Metal Fest, headlined by Judas Priest with performances from Sabaton, Soulfly, and more. The weekend will be capped off by another headlining performance on Sunday, September 12th at The Justice Pub in Jacksonville, FL. Both headlining performances this weekend will be supported by Los Angeles hardcore heroes Cut-Throat and New England hardcore punk rockers Restraining Order.

The group has also announced additional live shows to come throughout the final months of 2021, supporting Overkill on Saturday, November 13th at the Wellmont Theater in Montclair, NJ, supporting Nuclear Assault one week later on Saturday, November 20th at The Brooklyn Monarch in Brooklyn, NY, and supporting Shadows Fall at the latter's reunion show on Saturday, December 18th at The Palladium in Worcester, MA.

SWORN ENEMY's most recent album, “Gamechanger,” was released in April 2019 by M-Theory Audio. The album – produced by Robb Flynn of Machine Head and engineered, mixed and mastered by Zack Ohren (Suffocation, Fallujah, Warbringer) – featured 11 tracks of punishing metallic force that expertly fused the hardcore spirit, thrash metal energy, and metallic groove that have fueled the band from day one. “Gamechanger” was praised by Cryptic Rock as “a brazen album of guts, honor, and respect,” earned plaudits from Dead Rhetoric for its “massive chugging riffs/breakdowns,” and was applauded by Metal Temple for being “heady, rabid, and ready to fuck your shit up.” The release of “Gamechanger” was followed by live performances throughout 2019 alongside thrash metal legends Sacred Reich and Vio-Lence.

SWORN ENEMY first burst onto the scene after being signed by Hatebreed's Jamey Jasta, who released the group's first two EPs on his Stillborn Recordings label in 2001 and 2002. He also produced the band's full-length debut, “As Real As It Gets,” memorably praised by Lambgoat as “music that inspires you to want to beat the living piss out of the next unsuspecting person who walks in the room.” The album was released by Elektra Records in 2003, a year that saw the band deliver memorable performances on tour with Ozzfest. The years between “As Real As It Gets” and “Gamechanger” saw the band release four additional records, three of which – 2006's “The Beginning of the End,” 2007's “Maniacal,” and 2009's “Total World Domination” - will be reissued on vinyl in 2022 by M-Theory Audio. The band has also performed alongside a bevy of heavy metal greats, including Anthrax, Mastodon, Fear Factory, Sepultura, Suicide Silence, Dying Fetus, Earth Crisis, Madball, Biohazard and Hatebreed.

More information on upcoming live performances and reissues that are coming in 2022 from SWORN ENEMY will be unveiled in the weeks to come at and by M-Theory Audio.

SWORN ENEMY Live Performances:

9/10 The Brass Mug – Tampa, FL (w/Cut-Throat and Restraining Order)

9/11 Warlando Metal Fest – Orlando, FL (w/Judas Priest, Sabaton, Soulfly, and more)

9/12 The Justice Pub – Jacksonville, FL (w/Cut-Throat and Restraining Order)

11/13 The Wellmont Theater – Montclair, NJ (w/Overkill and Demolition Hammer)

11/20 The Brooklyn Monarch – Brooklyn, NY (w/Nuclear Assault, Subzero, and Tombs)

12/18 The Palladium – Worcester, MA (w/Shadows Fall, Unearth, Darkest Hour, and more)

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